As explained under “ABOUT US – Who are we?” Mrs Katja Range has successfully qualified as Expert for Town Planning Regulations (“Urbanismo”) and Development of Real Estate Projects (UDI= Experto en Urbanismo y Desarrollos Inmobiliarios) at the „Instituto de Práctica Empresarial“ ( .      

She has and will always put special emphasis to unify theory and practice.  In the past she, for example has planned and developed a construction project of 100 apartments in Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa, for over one year in cooperation with a German investor, his architect, lawyer and the Town Hall. The entire project was subsequently sold to the Spanish property developer Torrejuncal S.A. from Madrid. He renamed the complex originally called „Paraíso Verde” into „Paraíso Riviera”, built and sold it with great success.

In addition she has also helped a company from Córdoba to organize and sell two smaller apartment developments in La Cala de Mijas, where old houses were bought, torn down and replaced by modern, 4 storey apartment buildings with commercial premises.

Over the years, what she has achieved with the money of clients she obviously also did with her own capital. One after the other she acquired two so called finca plots in the picturesque, typical andalusian village of „Casarabonela“, 50 km in the North of Marbella and transformed them into a building plot for a finca style country hotel.

Since the property market on the Costa del Sol has gone into its recession and more and more ready built but unsold apartments, townhouses and villas are on the market; development of new projects has been reduced drastically.

In addition the possible building activity for the next 8 years has been extremely reduced by the POTA = Plan de Ordenación del Territorio (=Infrastructure Plan for the Western Costa del Sol), approved by the Andalusia Government, as explained under “About Us – Our Town Planning Advise”. This plan limits the amount of new properties that could be built over the 8 years of its term to either 30 % of the already built m2 in a town or 40 % of the population. Therefore in some towns only a few developments could at all take place over those 8 years and in addition the current market situation is not the easiest to start a new project and sell it successfully.

Nevertheless it is possible if you concentrate on developing what the still existing market is really demanding. Not to build what the prospective clients were really looking for, not to investigate what the clientele was really requesting, but only to build what the investors own idea was of a “nice development” was one of the main reasons why many developments could not be sold, apart from the financial crisis and mortgages not being granted any more so easily.

We therefore recommend any possible investor who would like to develop a new project to seek profound and in depth advise from specialists in this field, not only regarding the technical part of the project, but also about its commercial part, what is really sellable, where the market niches are and how can we reach prospective clients and in addition offer them a realistic finance solution, if they would require so.

As we still have very nice plots of land that could be developed, although they are difficult to find, we are more than happy to act as the perfect interface management between a potential investor, the Town hall, architects, lawyers, land owners and future purchasing clients.

Our knowledge of existing second-hand properties and of new developments still under construction or already completed, their qualities, location, prices, marketing, etc., assure that we can demarcate positively from the large competition. Furthermore it is self-understood that through our marketing mix including the collaboration with hundreds of local agents, we will have a positive influence on the sale of the project. 

Real Time Realty can help you with any questions and the planning of a new project, putting all our experience and knowledge of the market at your disposal.

For a first consultation about such investment and project development opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Katja Range personally on:

SKYPE: realtimerealty