REAL TIME REALTY is a new way of letting clients view properties from their lounges at home or offices abroad without even having to come to Spain until they have already seen commented videos of their favourite pre-selection of properties that are most suitable for their requirements.

We work very much internet based, through this website, YouTube, using the new technologies as well as being present with our marketing and properties in more than 250 internet property portals worldwide. In addition we collaborate on the Costa del Sol with approximately 800 agencies who can see all our properties we have listed and offer them as well to their clients, this way potentiating the effect of our marketing by 800 as the properties listed by ourselves will also appear on their 800 websites, for example, this way sending out information about your property as widely spread as possible.

Apart from that, our experience and connections having built up since 1994 constantly bring us as well referral clients from our happy customers and friend of all these years.

We constantly improve our marketing mix and work on new ideas and approaches to always be at least one step in advance and attract even more clients.

In case you would like to sell your property and are considering to use our services explained in “ABOUT US” and “ REAL ESTATE IN SPAIN – Property Search ” in order to do so, we would like to explain you in this section some details of how we work on the vendor’s side and under which conditions we can work together in the marketing and sale of your property.

Example of our Real Time Realty video service on You Tube:


A) Realistic asking price

First of all we would like to stress that one of the most important prior conditions for us to be able to sell your property is that it is competitively priced. It does not make any sense for you or us to put a higher price on the property than what we know is a realistic asking price in the current market situation, as it would only create false expectations in you and we would lose precious time and money in use-less marketing activities. Clients are nowadays very aware of what their money “can buy” and have plenty of possibilities to compare properties by the numerous offers on the internet.

Therefore, when we are kindly asked to consider listing a property, we will always double check whether or not the vendor’s idea of the possible sales price is realistic or not. We use our vast experience in the market, having sold and developed property since 1994, the prices for which properties in the area are not only “being offered” currently, but for what the last properties “have really sold”, as only those are the real indication of how the market goes and what we can realistically achieve for the property.

As explained under “Real Estate in Spain – Property Searchwe have access to more than 45.000 properties for sale in our database. Therefore we can compare prices for similar properties in the area and combine this with the information we constantly have regarding the latest sales, circular emails with information about offers or price reductions we receive on a daily basis through our centralised email system from more than 800 collaborating Real Estate Agents. Unifying all this information helps us to help you to find the best “asking price” the property should be marketed at in order to have realistic chances to be sold in a decent period of time.

B) Correct paperwork for the property

Unfortunately we still often have to find out that at the time of purchasing a property (especially villas) many of the lawyers involved in the paperwork at that stage did not carry out all the necessary work in order to help their clients to buy a property where


By experience especially the last point is still often missing. Whenever a property is ready built the Town Hall must be informed and will come out to inspect that it has been built according to the building license issued, that it has been built in a safe way to be able to live in it and that any infrastructure works needed for the property or around the same have been installed correctly. If all of this is the case the Town Hall will issue the First Occupation License, which basically makes the property legal against the Town Hall, confirming everything has been built as it was allowed in the building license.

We often have the problem that lawyers, who have been involved in dealing with the purchase documents when our clients bought the property, tell us that this paper “is not needed as the property is already older, more than 4 years old, it will anyhow never be demolished, etc., etc., etc.”. As many of them have not taken care of requesting this document, that has been established in Spanish Law in 1937 (“cédula de habitabilidad”, later changed into the name “Licencia de Primera Ocupación”), they now do not want to recognise not having asked for an important document in due time. They may be right that the property will not be demolished, but it has not been legalised against the Town Hall. In addition they do not take notice of the very NEGATIVE EFFECTS not having this license has on the chances to sell the property:

Therefore it is an important point for us to mention to you, as possible vendor of a property, to please double check, that you have a First Occupation License. In case you cannot contact your previous lawyer anymore, we are more than happy to help you with this issue. If you find out that your property unfortunately really does not have the First Occupation License we can also recommend you a lawyer’s office with 30 years of experience on this coast that will be able to help you obtaining it.

As this process can be long, we can still market your property during the time the lawyers arrange for it to be granted, yet, if a sale takes place in the meantime, please be aware that the common way of dealing with this situation is to calculate how much money is involved in the process of obtaining the license and that this money will be retained from the sales price at the Notary. It will only be used for the necessary expenses, and once the license is granted the balance would be paid back to you.

Nevertheless, the sooner you start the process of obtaining a possibly missing First Occupation License, the better, as any pending paperwork on a property is ALWAYS DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN to a possible client, who already has to understand the whole SPANISH WAY of the purchase procedure. If in addition there are problems in the paperwork this can cause such an amount of discomfort that a client could easily decide against the property just due to that. The same applies for the other above mentioned paperwork problems. We have had possible sales that fell through because 60 m2 of extension of a property were not registered in the Land Registry or in the Cadastral Office.

We therefore kindly ask you to understand that we can only list properties for which the paperwork is either already completely correct, or where at least we can see that you as the owner and seller are ACTIVELY working together with us and your lawyer or the one we could recommend you, in order to get these papers organised as soon as possible. It can only facilitate you the sale and avoid that clients who may have fallen in love with your property, are then shocked by the paperwork problems and therefore may not go ahead with the purchase.

On one hand WE WILL NOT ALLOW that our clients purchase a property without all papers in order without knowing what is going on, passing on paperwork problems from one sale to the next and the next, etc., and on the other side clients are nowadays much better informed than in the past and will not accept to invest an important amount of money without receiving the property with correct paperwork.


In order to fulfil the foreseen in the Spanish Law regarding proper customer information in the case of Real Estate Agencies, especially taking into consideration the “Decreto 218/2005”, we have to require the following documents regarding your property for sale:


In case you have any question regarding the above explained, or if you want to make an appointment for us to view your property, please never hesitate to contact us.

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