First of all a warm WELCOME to our web page!

REAL TIME REALTY provides advice with regard to property purchase on the Western Costa del Sol in the South of Spain (Málaga to Gibraltar).

Since 1994 our aim has always been to find the right property for our clients, the one that really matches their requirements best. We combine the knowledge of a long experienced Real Estate Agency with having developed more than 120 apartments and having qualified as Experts in Town Hall Planning Regulations and Real Estate Developments, offering this way under one roof all of the relevant expertise that a client might need for successful property acquisition on the Costa del Sol.

In our approach to constantly improve the process of finding the best suitable properties for our customers we have developed a NEW and UNIQUE SERVICE.


Please get to know it by listening to the following video:

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me.

Here I am on SKYPE for you: realtimerealty

(Monday to Friday: 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
(Saturdays: Time to be agreed upon request.)

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We understand that many times it is difficult four our clients to organize viewing trips due to the time involved, often needed back at home for work, family and many other important things. We therefore offer you this new service, to


We would like to offer you this service in different ways, whichever is most convenient for you:


Come with me on a GUIDED and at the same time COMMENTED video tour through the property of your interest in REAL TIME, without having to move from home:

We can be connected simultaneously at a previously agreed time via SKYPE (free internet phone call with video connection) and I, Mrs Katja Range, will personally lead you through the property of interest. Whilst doing so you will see each detail of the property through the video at that moment and we can together comment on it. You can ask me any questions that may arise immediately, with me being in the property.

I can show you certain areas, rooms, views or details of the property again and again, as many times as you wish, in order to get the best possible information about the property, not only by seeing the video, but also through my explanations and our direct conversation over SKYPE. I will be "on site together with you", without you even having to move from your home, office or country.

This great option will always be available for you provided the property in question is situated in an area with sufficient telephone net coverage, needed for a simultaneous telephone call via Skype AND transmission of the video. In case this should not be possible I will be more than happy to take the video first, send its link on YouTube to you by email and to discuss it then together with you personally, for example, via SKYPE video call (realtimerealty) or by normal telephone: +34 952 830 264. This is what we offer as:


Have a look at the already pre-arranged REAL TIME REALTY videos of properties, on You Tube under the following link:

As the property that is most convenient for you may not yet be under the above listed videos, although we are constantly updating the list, please

CONTACT ME on SKYPE: realtimerealty

or by normal telephone: +34 952 830 264, or send me an email to , explaining us exactly which requirements your new property should fulfil and we can search for it in our database containing approximately 45.000 properties currently for sale.

Let us talk about it! Use our knowledge of the coast that has built up since 1994 to get to know where you can find what you are looking for. We will then send you a pre-selection of really suitable properties by email. Of the ones you mostly like we can then either take a video, especially for you, send you the link of the same by email OR YOU CAN CHOOSE OUR SERVICE OPTION 1, explained above.


RESUMING: What we would like to offer you is to SAVE TIME, and that you do not even have to fly over to Spain in order to judge whether a property could or not be of interest to you. Enjoying the videos in addition with the simultaneous explanation of the distribution, qualities and other details of the house will be a

completely NEW EXPERIENCE in viewing / visiting properties abroad FROM HOME


Just give it a try! You will be surprised! Positively!

Here I am on SKYPE for you now: realtimerealty

(Monday to Friday: 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
(Saturdays: Time to be agreed upon request.)

To register on SKYPE (internet call and video conversation free of charge) and add us as contact (realtimerealty), please visit the following page: (