REAL TIME REALTY is a composed by a highly qualified team of professionals, all with a vast experience in the Real Estate sector of the Costa del Sol. Through our joined forces our clients will always benefit from the accumulated knowledge and experiences over the years working in this sector. We attend our clients in English, German, Spanish and French.

The team is led by the Managing Director, Mrs Katja Range, counting on the vast experience and unconditional support of Mrs María Ángeles Redondo Toldos in Administration.

In addition we work already for many years very closely with our legal and fiscal advisers as well as specialists in obtaining finance for our customers, all of them with proven track records over a vast period of time.

MRS KATJA RANGE (of German nationality)

After my university studies of Mathematics and Business Economics in Münster (North-West of Germany) I decided not to wait until retirement to live in Spain, but to make my living right from the start in the South of Spain. In August 1994 I packed my motorbike (800 Suzuki Intruder) with business clothes, 100 CV's and drove on my own all the way down from Münster to Marbella, with only 7.000 DM in my pocket, no work offer yet, but the firm conviction that due to my qualification and language skills I would be able to find one very quickly. After walking up and down through the town of Marbella presenting myself and leaving CV's in many places I was offered my first work as secretary to the Director in an Estate Agency. Since then I am successfully engaged and have constantly grown and extended my knowledge and experience in the Real Estate Business at the Costa del Sol.

I developed the love for Spain already during my childhood, when the happiest time of the year were the family's Easter holidays in L'Escala, at the Golf of Roses, in Catalonia, Already as a baby I learned to walk on the Camping ground in L'Escala, therefore "I made my first steps" actually in Spain.

Without fail within the scope of my university studies I wanted to absolve one year abroad and chose therefore the University of the Capital of Andalusia: Seville, a dream of a city! There I fell in love with Andalusia and its way of living. Although the year at the faculty for business and general economics was very hard, as I had to learn the lecture content in a totally new language to me, with only 3 months of previous Spanish course, it was a wonderful year, which I always like to reminisce about.

After only 3 months in Seville, around Christmas time, I already knew I wanted to live and work in Andalusia after finishing my studies. When I had successfully finished my university year in Seville, I went back to the German university for 2 years and then in August 1994 time was ready at last. Very pleased and with my packed motorbike I started my journey to Marbella. From the beginning, it was my desire to become a Real Estate Agent and the dream became true for me during the following years.

I was very lucky to start working as the director's secretary for the Real Estate Agency and Administration of Community of Owners "Centro de Servicios Alcántara" in Mijas Costa, in which all paperwork dealing the property purchase and sales was handled by ourselves, which is why I learned the business from scratch, including all its legalities. When the owners of the company separated I took over the Real Estate section of the business for approximately 2 years, where after I built up my own business and since then worked for myself, mainly with German and English-speaking clients.

Continuing education regarding the legal aspects of Real Estate transactions, as well as concerning Town Planning Regulations and their innovations, was and remains extremely important to me. In the economy school for business people "Instituto de Práctica Empresarial" in Málaga over the past 14 years I absolved many courses and seminars in order to always improve my own knowledge and be up to date with new regulations. One of the most important courses at that time for my future business came out to be the "UDI"-course, where I qualified as "Expert in Town Planning Regulations and Development of Real Estate Projects".

The exchange between theory and practice, the knowledge transfer between the advanced technical college and the consulting service office are very important to me, and as a member of the associations of former students ("Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos", "Asociación UDI") in the meanwhile I have even been invited as guest lecturer. This interdisciplinary combination of theory and practise gives me the possibility to provide our clients with an integral and effective advisory service.

Beyond the legal and professional aspects, I am as well very familiar with the cultural differences and fluent in English and Spanish. From my experience dominating the Spanish language is precisely and absolute "MUST" condition to be able to carry out projects on a long term basis in Spain. Besides the legal and professional knowledge, the dedication and the languages remain, of course, the matured personal contacts to local authorities, institutions or business people as relevant factors for the desired outcome of any business or project.

I was able to put the above explained know-how into practise when I planned and developed for over one year the complex of 100 new built apartments, at that time called "Paraíso Verde", today "Paraíso Riviera", with the corresponding architects for German investors, in such a positive and successful way that the whole final project could be sold to the Spanish developer of Madrid, Torrejuncal S.A.

When the German market became quieter, I decided to work for one at that time most famous and biggest Real Estate Agencies on the Coast, for Ocean Estates International, Marbella. As a sales agent and manager of the listing department I could acquire additional experience and product knowledge for more than two and a half years (management). When this potential was exhausted, I started to look for new challenges and worked for another year and a half as General Manager for the Real Estate Agency "Four Seasons Estates" in Elviria, Marbella.

Due to the experience that it was very difficult in all those years to find really good staff that would defend the same quality in service I request from myself when attending customers, in 2006 I then preferred to work independently again. Apart from selling property again also in this time I helped developers from Córdoba to carry out and sell two smaller apartment building projects in La Cala de Mijas.

In 2012, after more than 17 years of constant improvement I was very pleased to lead a project launching a new kind of service quality to potential purchasers of Real Estate on the Costa del Sol. 

REAL TIME REALTY is another and big step further into the future, using the new technologies in order to provide customers the best possible service and adapt purchasing property to today’s clients' necessities: effective and hassle-free property purchase with minimum loss of time, maximum service and complete peace of mind.

In my private life since 1994 there have been some changes, having been a working and single mother for most of the years. My daughter Chantal was born here in Marbella. She feels much more Spanish and especially "malagueña" than German. She went to a private bi-lingual school and with less than 10 years she could already speak, write and read Spanish, German and English. Today, with now 18 years of age, she has successfully finished the private school with the “Bachillerato”, she has added a fourth language to her skills, French, and is now studying at the University of Granada Law... She loves Spain, wants to stay here and at this stage would like to become a Judge or Fiscal Prosecutor, which is why she studies the Spanish law here in Spain.

Children which are brought up at the Costa del Sol profit from a multicultural, tolerant and in general very stimulating environment with more than a hundred different nationalities living peacefully together on the coast. It is a great experience for them, which I trust prepares them well for the global world-wide economy they will be living in.


I was born in 1967 in Aschaffenburg, a pretty small town in central Germany, approx. 45 km East of Frankfurt.

As my parents are both Spaniards, after finishing my studies in Germany as state-qualified language secretary I decided to go “back to the roots”, this is to live in Spain after having lived my whole life up to then in Germany.

Although my parents are both from Castile I decided to move to Nerja (East of Malaga) where my parents had an apartment and where we spent marvellous summer holidays since 1978, as in Castile it is far too cold in winter and I already came from a very cold country.

Thus, in September 1988 with only 21 years old the big adventure began to go back to Spain on my own, with my family still in Germany. After having lived and worked in Valencia and Marbella I finally decided to stay in Marbella. Although life was not always “easy”, coming back to Spain and starting my life here was one of my best decisions I will never regret.

I mainly worked in the Real Estate business, attending clients in English, German, Spanish and French. In addition I could also gain experience in a renowned architect study of Marbella, getting a very good insight into the construction planning and process.

Since April 2010 I have now been working as personal secretary to Mrs Katja Range. I really have to admit that this is the best job I ever had as I can make the most out of Mrs Range’s vast experience having the opportunity to learn every day something new. Thus, work never ever gets boring.

Furthermore, our team is great and we laugh a lot. For me the most important thing in my job, even more important than the salary, is to go every morning to work with joy and be able to give the best I have to offer. And finally, after many years searching for such a job, I found what I was looking for. We do work hard but we also have a lot of fun doing so. What else could I ask for?

In my private life I also found “my” man although it took me a while (“good things happen, one just needs to wait for them” as my mother always says). We are now together for 9 years and still continue counting the years we add…..

Our little family is completed by Charly, a sweet Cocker Spaniel, who loves food, to be cuddled and having long walks on the beach (in this order).