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  • How can I obtain finance / a spanish mortgage?

    We are very happy to introduce you to an independent mortgage broker and finance adviser, with a vast experience and outstanding expertise and results for our clients on this issue.


    This is due to this specialist having worked for more than 18 years with all types of different banks, thus being able to know exactly which bank, at each moment, offers the best product for your personal circumstances and also to achieve better interest rates and conditions, due to the high volume of business brought to many different banks in the past, using the developed personal relationships to them to the best of your interest.


    If you were to walk into a bank yourself, as a single, completely new customer, with no contacts, chances are very high you would not obtain the same great conditions our independent mortgage broker could obtain for you.


    Please do not hesitate to let us know if this service could be of your interest and we will put you in contact without any compromise.


    We also very strongly recommend you to look into what we consider the FIRST STEP of the buying procedure, when purchasing a property in Spain with finance: 




    In case you may want to use finance to purchase a property the above-mentioned mortgage broker can already help you in advance to verify the possibility of obtaining a mortgage and how high it could get, meaning PRIOR to start searching and coming to view properties on the Coast.


    This is possible by requesting a “pre-approval status” from a bank. It will give you the security of up to which amount you could obtain as mortgage, which results in knowing exactly your maximum budget you will be able to invest into your property in total, and therefore also up to which price you and we can carry out the search for you.

    Therefore, we kindly offer you to contact us in order to request such FREE pre-approval.


    It makes little sense to search in our whole database with thousands of properties for many days, possibly taking videos (as explained under "About Us") and you even travelling to Spain, investing time into viewing properties here on the coast if we depend on part finance and do not know yet whether you could really obtain it and up to which amount.


    Yours and our time would be wasted. Therefore, we very much would like to recommend you to use this facility to pre-qualify for a mortgage, before starting the search process.

    Thank you.