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    We aim to provide the very best independent advice to our clients. Our legal department understands the concerns that arise from residing abroad whilst having interests in Spain, buying or selling property, opening a business, becoming a permanent Resident in Spain, etc.

    In either case we shall manage your affairs ensuring your interests are fully upheld and protected. It is our utmost wish to represent you long term and value each and every one of our clients. It is often said that the best compliment a client can pay to a company is a referral to a family member or friend. For us this is a key objective as it is an indication that our client is satisfied. We look forward to assisting you.

    Our team of experienced lawyers has spent over 30 years dedicated to protecting clients’ interests and needs. No requirement is too complex. We are able to advise you in a variety of languages and represent you in all matters. Amongst others, these are their areas of practice.


    • Conveyancing
    • Spanish tax
    • Creation of companies
    • Property and urban law
    • N.I.E. number for foreigners
    • Work and residence permits
    • Golden visa
    • Spanish mortgages
    • Foreign exchange
    • Spanish will
    • Family law
    • Commercial law
    • Probate and inheritance law
    • Financial and tax law
    • Labour law / Social security
    • Administrative law
    • Immigration law
    • Criminal law
    • Medical negligence
    • Personal injury claims




    When purchasing a property, it is essential to make sure that your interests are being protected. Full property searches are fundamental to ensure that you are making a wise investment.


    The tax implications of selling a property must be considered also. Whether purchasing or selling a property, we shall be able to provide you with clear concise advice.


    Spanish tax


    Understanding your personal fiscal obligations and coordinating your business and fiscal exposure can be a daunting and confusing matter.


    Our fiscal department along with our legal department shall ensure that you are explained and understand your fiscal responsibility. It will advise you as to the process and procedures and file all relevant tax returns and company accounts. We can cover all your business and fiscal advice, among others, we can assist you with:

    • Preparation and presentation of all personal and business-related tax returns.
    • Non-resident tax declarations
    • Inheritance tax
    • Accountancy services and filing of yearly accounts
    • Vehicle registration and change of ownership
    • Employment contracts


    Spanish Mortgages

    Our mortgage department works independently with a variety of financial institutes to find the best possible mortgage solution for each of our clients’ individual situation. Having done so very successfully over more than 18 years, with the corresponding reputation and contacts that result from it, we are also able to obtain better rates for clients than if they were to address banks personally in any of their branches.


    We recommend you to obtain a financial approval before your visit to Spain, if you plan to finance your purchase using a Spanish Mortgage. It gives you certainty regarding your budget and strengthens your position when negotiating the price of the property.


    There is no cost involved in making an application and obtaining a financial approval. Please contact us today to apply for such preapproval.


    Foreign Exchange

    When transferring funds to Spain it is advisable to use a regulated foreign exchange company as the rates obtained can be up to 5% more competitive than those offered by a high street lender.


    Our recommended currency dealer is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an electronic money institution; therefore, your funds are safe throughout the process.


    To obtain a no obligation quote, please provide the following details, introducing them into your message of our contact form:


    • Name, Surname, Telephone number, Email-Address
    • Currency to be converted from
    • Currency to be converted into
    • Amount
    • Date required


    Please do not hesitate to Contact us for any question or help request you may have, regarding the above-mentioned services.