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  • Selling a property

    Why use REAL TIME REALTY to sell your property on the Costa del Sol? 

    What do we do differently than others?


    • GUIDED AND COMMENTED video tour service: clients can view your property WITHOUT leaving the comfort of their home
    • We create trust through our Town Planning Expertise; clients buy with us trouble free
    • We have a vast sales experience of over 25 years, including expertise in property development
    • Creation of an individual landing page to attract clients to your property, used in our Online Marketing and Social Media activities
    • A very important client source for you: referrals from our very satisfied clients


    1) GUIDED AND COMMENTED video tour service: clients can view your property WITHOUT leaving the comfort of their home


    As you can see by the videos at the top of our Home page, REAL TIME REALTY offers a new way of letting clients view properties IN REAL TIME, from their home or offices abroad, without having to travel to Spain yet. Possible clients will have seen your property in detail and they will have listened to our explanations about it in the video tour, including many important information for them. They have basically “seen the property inside out” before coming. This is very beneficial and offers an advantage as they will know so much about the property upfront that they are able to take the decision to either already reserve it for them or to actually really take a plane to view it personally, which they might not have done with only seeing the pictures.


    To see how these video tours work, please have a look at our YouTube channel.


    Unfortunately, many clients are disappointed because pictures or descriptions do NOT show the full reality of the property when visiting it. Therefore, the sad reality is they have wasted their time and money taking flights, booking hotels and days off work, in order to view these properties, just to find out important details have not been shown... This results in loss of time (and money) for both, the clients, but also for the vendors (having prepared the property, having kept their time free of other things to attend the viewing, etc.).


    At the end of the day, none of us have time to waste.


    Therefore, for our exclusive listings, we prepare very comprehensive and expressive 10-15 minutes long guided and commented video tours through the property, explaining the flow of the properties’ distribution that cannot be shown by photos alone. We also show and comment the views, quality specifications, gardens, communal facilities, distances to amenities, the surroundings, etc. Basically, we show everything in a very detailed manner: inside, outside and around the property, thus the client has seen the property completely and chances are much higher that he wants to view or already even reserve it.


    Reasons why we have sold properties through our video tours:


    • Clients are abroad; yet do not want to lose a property to somebody else: We had clients who lived abroad and who were not able to fly to Spain in order to see that one very special offer or very interesting property for them. We then make an ONLINE VIEWING IN REAL TIME, where we connect with the client by video call from the property to show and explain it to him in all detail. This way we have sold property in Spain, for example to people in the U.S.A., with no need for them to travel to Spain immediately. Such REAL TIME VIDEO TOUR offers them the possibility to ask and review any corner or area of special interest again and again, and they also get answers to all their questions there and then, whilst still being with us “on site”. The details are shown as many times as it takes for them to have fully understood the property, feel comfortable with the purchase and we then take the reservation deposit.


    • Get clients to book a flight for a viewing: Belgium clients, who liked the video presentation of a house, asked a friend to double check it was really “like the video tour showed” and so she did and confirmed we had not manipulated the video or “cut out” any negative aspect of the property. On that same day (Thursday), the clients booked the flight, they arrived on the following Tuesday, viewed the property and reserved it immediately with the payment of the reservation deposit. They had been looking for 3 years to find such a nice townhouse and only bought it and actually took the plane and made the decision to travel DUE TO THE VIDEO TOUR.


    • Avoid useless viewings: We had elderly clients selling their villa, built in a very special style, where the video would bring only seriously interested clients to their property. By sending the video upfront we avoided the difficult effort for them to have to prepare the property in a perfect way every time we had viewing requests that could have resulted as unnecessary. Sending the video upfront made clear whether clients really liked this property. Therefore, only useful viewings with already very interested clients were carried out.


    • Get decision takers, who are not present during the viewing, to agree to a purchase: We had Danish clients who wanted to purchase a penthouse together with their two children and their respective spouses. Yet only the parents were here on the Coast to view the property, the other 4 decision takers were not. We called them and provided the link to the previously prepared video tour. Now all of them could view the property in the same way and as detailed as the parents had seen it, AT THE SAME TIME, whilst we were still inside the property. The children and their spouses then gave their OK to go ahead with the purchase. We signed the reservation document still being in the property. There was no need to wait for the other family members to later travel to the coast to also view the property personally, whenever their work schedules would have allowed to do so.


    • Be able to share the detailed video information with other agents who could have the right client: We are members of the biggest databases and Multiple Listing Services (MLS) on the Costa del Sol. When we list a property, more than 1.500 other Real Estate Companies and all their employees can see the details of your property immediately and offer it to just the right client they may have for it. It is MUCH EASIER for our colleagues to see that a viewing makes a lot of sense for their client, once they have seen and listened to our detailed commented video tour.


    • Unbranded video marketing of your properties for our collaborators to use: We even produce a second version of the same video tour, WITHOUT our contact details or logo, just plain, thus other agents can send the video tours to their clients, without any fear that they could lose their client by contacting us directly. We often have viewings resulting from this way of collaborating in a clean way, giving our colleagues extra material and sharing our commission 50/50 with them in case of a sale. It does not cost you a single Euro more. Yet it brings you a vast exposure in the market. These agents will have the property description we prepare on their websites too, including the unbranded video tour link. We therefore boost the marketing of your property for you by approximately 1.500 Real Estate companies.


    • Tailor made social media marketing campaigns through circular emails, Facebook and LinkedIn posts: The guided and commented video tours are also a great asset when we send circular emails to approximately 1500 contacts in agencies we collaborate with. In addition, the video tours are also a very important tool in our Social Media activities, when advertising and sending information about them on a regular basis to our audience in Facebook and over 2000 contacts all over the world through the LinkedIn 


    Our guided and commented video tours simply explain and show the property in so much more detail than pictures could do that they attract seriously interested clients and avoid useless viewings.


    2) We create trust through our Town Planning Expertise; clients buy with us trouble free


    As explained under ABOUT US and as you can see on our home page, Real Time Realty offers many more services and has a much wider background, experience and expertise than a normal Estate Agency.


    One of our core competences is our Town Planning Expertise, that has become more and more important over the years, since so many buildings have been built, without the corresponding building license or infrastructure carried out. Especially in Marbella we have more than 16.500 properties declared as “non-legal”, about which we do inform our clients. We explain in detail under which current circumstances those properties could only be bought and which consequences they could face in the future.


    Clients are more and more aware of the legalities of a property purchase in Spain. When we meet them first and explain how much further our service as Estate Agency goes, it is also our Town Planning expertise and advice that achieves them being very interested in working only with us in the future, as normally nobody else explains and handles those issues.


    This Town Planning advice and additional knowledge, not only about the building rules of the General Plan (PGOU) of each town, but also about the overall infrastructure plan of the Costa del Sol POTA ( = future development areas, new roads, new railway line, new industrial estates, overall areas that cannot be built, protected natural areas, river beds, etc.), leads to a much higher confidence level we create in our clients, when they see that we do not only “say” things to them about a property and its surroundings, but that we actually show it to them, having the plans with us in every viewing.


    Our clients are often very surprised after our first presentation and day out with us, and think about all the other agents they have seen before, who have never ever shown them such plans or have explained the issues to take into consideration.


    We will not allow clients to buy something with any question unanswered or any legal problem not solved or at least dealt with as far as it is possible. There is no worse situation than a client falling in love with your property and wanting to buy it, you getting all excited, us having done all the work, investing time and then at the end the clients do not buy, because a Town Planning issue was not mentioned or dealt with from the beginning.


    We do our utmost to sort them out to avoid that any pending issues could ruin a sale at the Notary when the right client is found. When we list your property, we will make sure we have its situation in the best possible legal and Town Planning status that can be obtained. Should there be any pending issues or missing documents to be obtained, we are more than happy to help you obtaining it in advance.


    3) Expertise & experience since 1994, including property development


    Since 1994 we have successfully intermediated properties all along the Western Costa del Sol, from Málaga to Gibraltar, and even in the villages behind, inland. We therefore have a very wide product and area knowledge we happily transmit to our clients. Often, we first only drive around for a day or two to show areas, to help our clients become familiar with different places to find out, where they would feel most comfortable and happy.


    Yet, in our case, product knowledge gained over 25 years is combined with the above explained Town Planning expertise that arises from having checked the General Plans of those areas as well over all these years.


    In addition, we have developed real estate developments of more than 120 apartments in Riviera del Sol and La Cala de Mijas (both in Mijas Costa). We sold plots to investors and have started to prepare a luxury villa development as well. This has added profound knowledge of the development and building process of new complexes, including their legal steps and obligations from beginning to end as well as their construction process and regulations.


    We therefore have an additional asset and value for our clients when it comes to showing properties to them. We can give advice regarding building specifications, possible options to reform or extend a property, how much this would cost, which steps are needed to obtain a license for it, advise very good building companies, material providers, etc., etc., etc.


    It also creates TRUST in our clients that our service will be backed up by all this experience, using the resulting expertise to the best of their interest. We do not leave them alone after having purchased your property.


    4) Individual landing page for your property, used in our Online Marketing / and Social Media activities


    When we list your property, we use international property portals and different marketing tools to advertise it. It will, of course, be advertised as featured property on our website that is constantly SEO optimized and worked on to actively attract international clientele.


    In addition, Real Time Realty offers you the possibility to have your own optimized site (landing page) referring especially to your property only. We can include our own optimization tools, keywords, include search phrases and update them, according to how we see that people are searching in the internet. We therefore provide that your property description will be especially promoted, to achieve that clients searching for a property with its characteristics will find it.


    We use this specific landing page as well in our Social Media Marketing, such as in Facebook or in LinkedIn. We create posts and advertise the property to especially selected and created audiences of which we know they could be the potential buyers of your property.


    Our guided and commented VIDEO TOUR for your property will be published in our YouTube Channel, yet in addition it will be part of all the above-mentioned marketing tools. We will feature it on the landing page for your property as well as in Facebook or LinkedIn posts and advertisement. All marketing tools will be linked between each other, thus helping the landing page of your property being seen even more by potential buyers.


    5) A very important client source for you: referrals from our very satisfied clients


    As explained above, we work very much internet based, through this website, our YouTube Channel, using the new technologies and social media tools, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to promote your property worldwide. We constantly improve our marketing mix and work on new ideas and approaches to be at least one step ahead and attract even more clients.


    Yet it is also very important, that our level of service and clientele, having built up since 1994, constantly bring us referral clients from our very happy customers and friends gained over all these years. These new clients can then be possible buyers for your property.