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    To develop a new apartment, townhouse or villa urbanization is a process, that includes several different phases Real Time Realty is happy to carry out and to advise you as investors in all steps, due to our experience of, among others, having carried out the development of a project of 120 apartments. We have prepared town planning check, feasibility and market studies of many plots for investors, such as, e.g., for the construction of 18 luxury villas in Benahavis in 2019. 


    We would therefore be very happy to assist you with our services in the following steps, needed to bring such an investment to the best possible outcome and benefit for you:


    1. Plot search: Having been working as Estate Agents on the Costa del Sol since 1994, we are able to offer you plots of land for such developments due to our contacts to land owners, lawyers, developing companies and through our database of properties for sale. 


    1. Legal feasibility: As Experts in Town Planning and Development of Real Estate Complexes (Experto en Urbanismo y Desarrollos Inmobiliarios), we are qualified to check whether a plot of land offered to us (or directly to you) really offers the possibility to build on it, which type of properties could be built and how long the process would take to be finally able to obtain the building license. We would also immediately check the Town Hall’s rules regarding the technical details for construction on the plot. As explained on this website, Real Time Realty is far more than a normal agency, just trying to sell you a plot of land. We also offer you the service of carrying out Town Planning checks and reports for land offers you may receive from other agents.


    1. Economic feasibility:Having developed such development projects and studied their costs, benefit, ROI, etc., we are more than happy to elaborate also the feasibility study for and with you, in accordance to your wishes regarding the type of property and quality you would like to offer.


    1. Market study and client’s needs: No development will bring you the expected ROI, if it is not built with properties current clients are requesting. In the past, and still unfortunately now, the approach of developers, builders or architects was and still is very technical. Yet the right approach is to identify and qualify exactly the type of client you can sell to, what their needs for the property and complex itself are, to assure the development is planned exactly in the way that it covers those client’s needs and wishes to the maximum. In addition, we need to study where the clients for these properties are located, how to approach them and which is the best possible way to sell the properties to this market.  


    1. Development phase: We will be very happy to manage and lead you through the process of developing the project, finding the right technical professionals at fair prices (architect, technical architect, engineers, etc.), geotechnical survey companies, construction companies, material suppliers, quality control companies for the construction process (OCT), insurance companies, etc. 


    Real Time Realty offers you all the services, experience and expertise needed to make your new development stand out of the competition, to maximize your profit and at the same time create very happy buyers, who will recommend your properties, and possible next developments, to their friends. 


    Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US, should you want to invest into such a development. We are more than happy to help you with our advice and to be at your side all the way through the process.