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Estepona Guide

Estepona is known as a quiet and peaceful Spanish town, but over the past few years, it’s becoming even more popular amongst holiday makers and property buyers. Estepona has something for everyone and is typically Spanish. You will enjoy the narrow cobblestone streets, white washed houses, all covered with colourful flowers, and a mountainous backdrop surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

Besides the cosy ambiance, Estepona is special because it maintains its Spanish character. Believe it or not this seaside city is only 10 minutes’ drive from the bustling and glitzy seaside resort town of Marbella. In fact, this is what makes Estepona so appealing to holidaymakers and especially property buyers.

Right now, Estepona is the hottest place on the Costa del Sol to buy new developments. Nowhere else can you get beachfront property below market value. You can have everything you want which includes peace and tranquillity and all close to the beach.


Around Estepona

Estepona has a very lengthy boulevard right in front of the beach. You get a city flavour as you walk around but as soon as you hit the old town, you literally feel like you were thrown back in time. Estepona retains its Spanish charm, which is why Estepona is so popular.


Plaza Las Flores is the central square in the heart of Estepona’s old town, where you can smell the orange trees that surround the square. All year round the central fountain is surrounded by terraces, with people enjoying some tapas, lunch, coffee or a good glass of wine. From Plaza las Flores many narrow streets lead into new squares and many more terraces, restaurants and (tapas) bars.


All along the main La Rada Beach and the boulevard you will find many chiringuitos (beach bars). The beaches of Estepona stretch along 21 kilometres of coastline, with 16 beautiful beaches in total. Most of these beaches are well equipped with facilities: Safety precautions, lifeguard posts, toilets, first aid, about 50 different beach chair locations, 15 water sport locations and 30 beach clubs.


Estepona, Typically Andalusian 

Many years ago, Estepona was simply a fishing village and not much else. Today however, the city blossoms with old tradition, yet integrates a modern bustling city. The secret to Estepona’s quaint reputation is there are no big chain hotels messing up the beachfront, and definitely no skyscrapers blocking out the sun. At night as you sit on one of the beachfronts many benches, you can listen to the birds sing and smell the orange blossoms all around you.


Nearby homes gleam with terracotta coloured walls and out in the distance across the sea you get sight of Africa’s Atlas Mountains on the horizon. You can even see the lights of Morocco too if it’s dark enough.


One place worth checking out is the wooden hut of a bar on the Paseo Maritimo, between the beach and Avenida Juan Carlos 1. Sip a cold “cerveza” or “café solo con cognac” and watch multi-generation families stroll by. Check out Plaza del Reloj (for free musical events) and Iglesia de Remedios, whose statues are spookily paraded through the streets during Holy Week. Also, the modern Plaza de Toros and the giant Wednesday market which is popular with locals and visitors.


The Small Coastal Town with a Big Heart

With a population of 70.000, Estepona remains one of the few coastal towns that has succeeded in maintaining its pueblo like charm and character. Of course, all the tourist facilities are here, including hotels, restaurants, leisure and cultural activities, and shops.


But for a step away from the ordinary, which is often served up throughout the whole of the Costa del Sol, make your escape to Estepona for a fun filled day or stay longer and enjoy the beach life surrounded by friendly faces and very friendly shops and cafes.

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